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Atlanta has been home to Lambda Legal's Southern Office since 1997. Georgia remains on the front lines in the struggle for full LGTBQ equality and our  commitment is unwavering. The support of local volunteers enable Lambda Legal  to fight discrimination at every turn. When the rights of our communities are put on trial, Lambda Legal is here. Your support matters. Can you join us? 

South Florida


South Florida has been a bastion of support for Lambda Legal for decades. Volunteers from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach have demonstrated their commitment to full LGBTQ equality over and over again. Each year they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help re-balance the scales of justice. We can't do this alone, but ONE Lambda Legal can. Are you with us for the win?  

Meet the Co-Chairs

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South Florida

Angel Burgos

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Burton Peebles


Andrew Smith

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South Florida

Joe Vallo

Southern Region Committees

Atlanta Committee

Matty Brooks
Barret Broussard
Melissa Fox
John Gerl
Kal Helbling
Anthony Kreis
Danni Leader
Stephen Middlebrook
Gilbert Oladeinbo
Burton Peebles
Katrina Quicker
Mike Rafter
Aaron Rice
Stephen Scriber
Andrew Smith
Fred Smith
Will Ward

Fort Lauderdale Committee

Doug Ames
Glenn Beaver & Paul Stanovich
Stephen Draft & Allen Peterson
Michael Foncannon & Jason Pucci
Meryl Friedman
Harry Harkins & John Garger
David Jobin & Angel Burgos
Tom Jones
Karen Leavitt & Sandra Siegal
Chuck Loring
Peter Pileski
Mark Rinder & Dennis Ferioli
Steve Thornton & Brad Coomer
Anthony Timiraos & Arthur Crispino
Joe Vallo & Ethan Hanabury

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